Manfaat Buah Bit Untuk Kesehatan

Manfaat Buah Bit Untuk Kesehatan

Bit rich in simple carbohydrates into energy and iron that help the blood to carry oxygen to the brain. Bit of red, the color is caused by a combination of purple pigment and yellow pigment betasianin betasantin.

Ingredients bit:

Folic Acid 34%, Function: to grow and replace damaged cells,

Potassium 14.8%, Function: Streamlining the fluid balance in the body,

Fiber 13.6%,

Vitamin C 10.2%, Function: to grow the network and normalize the blood vessels,

Magnesium 9.8%, Function: Maintain muscle and nerve function,

Tryptophan 1.4%,

Iron 7.4%, function: energy metabolism and the immune system,

6.5% copper, Function: Forms red blood cells,

Phosphorus 6.5%, Function: Strengthen bones,

Caumarin that works to prevent tumors, and

Betasianin as a cancer preventative.

Benefits bits:

There are so many benefits of the fruit of this one. Here are some of the benefits we get from eating a bit.

  1. There are so many benefits of the fruit of this one. Here are some of the benefits we get from eating a bit.
  2. As a remedy liver and gallbladder.
  3. Destroy tumor cells and cancer cells.
  4. Strengthening the function of blood and treat anemia.
  5. Produce red blood cells.
  6. Lowering cholesterol levels.
  7. Cleans and neutralizes toxins in the body.
  8. Strengthen the circulatory system and the immune system.
  9. Fight infection and inflammation as well as addressing the problem of kidney stones.
  10. Energize and balance the body.

  11. How to make juice for the treatment of anemia:

    • Wash beets
    • Peel the skin
    • Cut and put in a blender or shredded
    • Then take the water squeeze (for 1 cup)
    • Pour into a glass and ready to drink

Consuming beetroot juice, according to the researchers, can help you exercise longer without fatigue. In addition, a pint of beetroot juice a day effective for lowering blood pressure and improve health.
Just bits, bright researchers, showed astounding results because the benefits exceed regular exercise routine under the supervision of professional trainers. And although it was probably not able to satisfy your appetite, the impact can be felt by everyone, from athletes to retirees who did not even have enough energy to walk to the supermarket.


In this study, the researchers recruited eight healthy young men to complete a series of cycling tests. They were asked to perform two tests cycling, after drinking beetroot juice once a day for 6 days and after drinking blackcurrant cordial (a drink made from a kind of berry).

The study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology reported, after drinking beetroot juice, participants use less oxygen when prompted cycling at a slow pace. This suggests, the researchers, if the muscles they can do the same amount of work using less energy. When prompted cycling distance according to ability, participants can pedal a few minutes longer than before drinking beetroot juice.

Nitrate Effects

After drinking beetroot juice, said the researchers, participants experienced a 16% increase stamina. That is, they are usually out of energy after jogging for 1 hour got an extra 10 minutes. In addition, they can achieve the same distance in a faster time.
"We were very surprised by the effects of beetroot juice on oxygen expenditure reduction, because these effects can not be obtained by other means, including sports programs," said one researcher Andy Jones, as quoted dailymail site. Of course you will be more fit after a workout, but you remain the same use of oxygen.
These benefits, the researchers, due to the high nitrate content of beetroot juice. These chemicals, according to the researchers, also found in green vegetables such as kale and spinach, especially in juice concentrate.
"Although this study uses beet juice sold in the market, you will get the same benefits by consuming juices made at home," said Jones. (OL-08)


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